Accident/Incident Register

Our Accident/Incident register allows you to record any incident/accident that has occurred to a pupil and resulted in them having treatment. It also produces a slip for the pupil to take home with them detailing what has happened along with any treatment that has been administered to them. These are available as as large board overlap system or in A5 pads.

Accident Register Overlap Board

The accident register overlap board system is recommended for the school site, at just over A4 in size it fits neatly alongside other school policy systems.

Overlap Board System:
Accident/Incident register Overlap

Accident Register Pad

The A5 accident register pad can be used as an office or mobile system, often taken on school trips and to school offsite sport events.

A5 Pad
Accident/Incident register Pad

Absence Register

Our Absence register provides a day on day, week on week carbon copy report that will record reasons for absence as well as a running total of absence.

Other school products

We can also supply other printed products such as contractor passes, authorised absence passes, latecomers forms and cash collection envelopes.

We have a large stock of accessories including lanyards, wallets, clips, 'yoyos' and wristbands. >> More info....