Electronic Visitor Systems for Schools and Businesses

Card WriterElectronic Visitor Systems (EVS)

We are specialist suppliers of the latest, fully-automated electronic visitor systems for schools. EVS systems provide a vitality to the management, safety and security of your school. There are EVS systems to suit any budget from touch screen through to plastic card generators. Intuitive to use and administer, an EVS is a recommended solution for any busy site with multiple departments.

We fully recommend that you consult one of our staff on this product before you purchase. It is important to get the right system, and training for your administration staff to manage this system.

Benefits of an EVS :

  • Effective logging and control of staff, students, visitors and contractors
  • Printed passes for all staff, students, visitors, contractors and temporary staff
  • Full colour personalised passes (in less than 10 seconds)
  • Computerised visitor control
  • Swift, neat and cost-effective
  • Quick, accurate and easy to use Reporting

EVS Consultation, Training and Servicing

School Visitor Passes provide a complete implementation service. From your initial consultation through to staff training on any purchase. If you think that you could benefit from an EVS please >> contact.