Part Personalised School Visitor Passes

The part personalised range of visitor pass systems offers re-assuring security benefits for your school. Because your logo appears prominently on the front of every visitor pass then all staff and students can instantly recognise a legitimate visitor.

Similarly to other journal/slip systems it records and prepares each visitor pass onto one journal.

Personalised Visitor Slip

School Visitor Pass - Part Personalised Slip

This system maintains a complete Visitor Record and Fire Register.

    It records;
  • date
  • name
  • representing
  • visiting, and
  • signature
  • Onto a use once tear-off visitor pass. The pass can then be folded and placed into a wallet to be worn by the visitor.

Discreet Sheet and Journal

The discreet sheet ensures that previous visitor’s details are kept confidential. The office journal created records a carbon copy of the visitor information into a sequential table, along with the additional entries of;

  • vehicle registration
  • time in
  • pass number
  • time out.
School Visitor Pass - Part Personalised Journal

Customising This System

This system uses a Stock Discreet Sheet and Journal. The wording cannot be custom edited. Click on the image to view the advice given to visitors. If you require your own custom information please look at our fully personalised or full colour digital system. The Visitor Pass Slip is fully customisable to include your school logo and specific health and safety wording.

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